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Some turning applications require a part loading-unloading system, due to process times, handling safety and operational repeatability.

In these cases, it is based on a lathe with automatic part anchoringe systems (basically a tailstock centre and steady rests, if present) and a cartesian handler (gantry) is integrated in it, with two movements (travel and vertical). This gantry has a part securing system designed specifically for each part and operation, in order to guarantee perfect operation and maximum safety.

Main characteristics:

  • Reinforced or modular tubular structure.
  • Adjustable fastening flanges and anchoring for perfect levelling-adjustment.
  • GÚDEL guiding systems with rolling and rack-and-pinion action.
  • Hydraulic counterweight system for heavy loads.
  • Servo-controlled motors, screw conveyor reducers and safety interlock elements.
  • Electrical control integrated in the main machine cabinet.