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Professional maintenance for the service life of your machine.

We offer all types of services, both for providing support for your new machines and for optimising your GURUTZPE products already in operation.
We advise you and offer support via solutions suited to your needs.


Carrying out good maintenance is the best way to maximise machine performance and maintain them in optimum operating conditions.


Technical assistance

GURUTZPE offers you regular maintenance so that you can produce safely and reliably, without any risk of unforeseen events.



In some cases, modernisation is sufficient to extend the life of your GURUTZPE machine. Without the need to learn to use a new machine and with the guarantee given to you that you will be able to continue to work with your old GURUTZPE model.


Spare parts

If you want your GURUTZPE lathe to work as well as it did on the first day, take a look at our range of spare parts, both original and commercial elements.