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Extend the life of your GURUTZPE machine

In many cases, carrying out modernisation is sufficient to extend the life of your GURUTZPE machine. In addition to saving on investing in a new model, customers can continue to rely on their favourite machine.

Machine retrofits are possible at several levels, depending on the customer’s needs and the condition of the machine. GURUTZPE adapts to all conditions and needs, analysing various aspects of the machine:

  • MECHANICAL: full mechanical review of components.
  • GEOMETRIC: grinding of guides, repair of deformities and adjustment to the original manufacturing tolerances.
  • ELECTRICAL: repair or modernisation of servomotors, electrical cabinet, CNC control, machine wiring, positioning and feedback systems.
  • HIDRAULIC AND LUBRICATION: appropriate operation of the machine and the hydraulic systems.

Giving your trusted machine a second chance

Thanks to our long experience in modernisation of lathes, our technical team is able to update any other machine, whether it is a GURUTZPE lathe or not. We can expand the functions of the machine, making it possible to meet new requirements, work with greater profitability or selectively increase its added value.

Quality in each of our components

We have an extensive inventory of spare parts to be able to carry out full re-equipping of our CNC lathes. With spare parts specifically designed for our machines and first-class logistics, your machine will be in optimum conditions right away.

GURUTZPE manufactures and supplies its own spare parts, tool holders and accessories. So that if you need any part, it is most likely that we will have it and we can send it to you as soon as possible.

In addition, we have top level suppliers, who guarantee us not only optimum product quality, but also immediate service. We offer a wide range of top level electrical and mechanical spare parts, adapting to the needs of our lathes.