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To be a European technology benchmark in advanced horizontal turning solutions, with emphasis on “turnkey” projects.



  • Engineering and systems construction, to manufacture rotating parts, aiming worldwide.
  • Integrator and optimiser of operations, with constant innovation processes on technological frontiers. Providing profitable support throughout the life cycle (design, manufacturing, advanced support …) to our customers’ operations.
  • Generating quality employment and wealth for our environment, in a professionally attractive and participative project that attracts talent and is carried out with criteria of long-term sustainability for us and our workers.




Focus on the customer

People who understand and take care with thoroughness, responsibility and response to our customers’ needs.

Innovation and creativity

People who are not afraid to question everything that currently exists and with the ability to make proposals, develop…


People who feel that the project is their own, who are aligned with the objectives and act responsibly to achieve them.


Being aware of the potential for mutual enrichment that comes from teamwork and its synergistic result (T.E.A.M.), taking both objectives and people into consideration.

Ethics / Honesty / Integrity / Modesty

Carrying out the work and having working relationships in a respectful way that generates trust.


People who carry out their professional duties with enthusiasm, enjoyment and a sense of vocation.

Empathy / Thinking ahead / Customer care

Paying attention to customers’ current and future needs in order to be able to implement them in GURUTZPE solutions.

Win-Win Attitude

Both our colleagues, customers, suppliers and, in general, all interested parties. Generating “harmonic equations”.