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Working in the most demanding sectors.

GURUTZPE has developed a range of machining solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company and sector.
This occasionally involves developing unique machines specific to each sector.
Our extensive history in implementing machining solutions has allowed us to design specially-adapted machines and solutions for a range of sectors.


Unique solutions for machining critical aircraft engine and landing gear parts.



Customised solutions for high-added value power generation components.



Solid experience in leading processes for critical parts in steelworking machinery.



Comprehensive solution for manufacturing axles, wheels and mounted axles for the railway sector.


Oil & Gas

Turnkey solutions for the oil and gas industry according to international standards.


Paper and pulp

Specialists in supplying personalised solutions for different paper sectors.



Specialists in supplying unique solutions for machining naval components.


Industrial machinery

Specialists in supplying solutions for lathing all types of components for industrial machinery.