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For this, GURUTZPE offers the integration in our lathes of the different possibilities in commercial chucks offered by the market and customized securing for our customers.

The correct centring of the pieces, speed of the part loading operations and the rigidity of the securing are the maxims we seek for our customers. To do this, we offer the best securing solutions on the market, both in manual and automatic chucks, whether they are self-centring or not, blind or with bar throughput, so that our customer always has the solution to their needs.

Main characteristics:

  • High securing forces, for our customers’ high machining demands.
  • Securing on the outside and the inside.
  • Adaptation of standard chuck to DIN 55026 on the nose of our main spindles, allowing quick exchange between different chucks. Different sizes according to machine models.
  • Possibility of also adapting chuck in the tailstock centres, to secure hollow parts or parts without points. Standard adaptation to DIN 55026.
  • Integration of the main manufacturers on the market.
  • Cast iron or steel chucks, allowing maximum rotation speeds to be obtained.

Manual chucks

The most universal and economic solution for our customers, allowing great securing flexibility for a wide range of parts:

  • Chucks with 4 independent jaws, the most versatile on the market.
  • Self-centring chucks with 3 jaws.
  • Monoblock or split jaws, hard or soft.


Automatic chucks

The fastest solution for securing parts, allowing the shortest “chip to chip” time between repetitive or similar parts:

  • Accionamiento hidráulico o neumático.
  • Platos autocentrantes o autocompensantes, para el trabajo entre puntos.

Chucks with bar throughput

A solution for machining pipes and long pieces, feeding parts through the head or securing avoiding the less rigid ends of some parts:

  • Manual or automatic chucks.
  • Securing with double chuck on the head.

Special chucks

Solutions for custom securing for our customers, especially for some sectors with complex parts:

  • Valves & Oil-field
  • Railway