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GURUTZPE offers various probe options for tool calibration and part measurement, by the main manufacturers on the market (Marposs, Renishaw…) and their integration into the machines.

Tool calibration

Adapted in the machine’s head area and easily removable to avoid damage during machining, allowing the calibration of turning tools (external and internal) and rotary tools.

Including the basic cycles of the CNC manufacturer or the probe manufacturer.

Part measurement

Integrated in the machine’s machining units thanks to data transmission via radio, they allow the measurement of various parameters of the machined parts (diameters, lengths…) and management of this data:

  • Using the standard cycles of the probe or CNC manufacturers (measurement, tool calibration update or part zero update according to needs).
  • Making adaptations of standard cycles or special cycles to provide a customized solution to the customer.
  • Showing the data obtained to the customer on Custom Screens.