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Manufacture of Heavy Duty lathes with high added value.

GURUTZPE supplies horizontal lathes for machining strategic parts in the most demanding industrial sectors.
With over 60 years’ experience in the industrial sector, GURUTZPE offers its customers the highest level customised and innovative solutions.

Mission, vision and values

We are very clear about which qualities our company has to conserve and promote. We know where we come from and what we wish to achieve in the future. This is why we have undertaken a series of commitments in line with the needs of our customers and our workers.



Since its foundation in 1957 GURUTZPE has developed solutions and provided high-quality support for our customers all over the world. Find out about the history of our company.


What we do

We offer turning solutions for large rotating parts. No matter how special and complex the challenges put to us by our customers, we are always ready to meet these alongside them.


People and jobs

We train a group of people with their own accountability, high technical level, national and international experience and, above all, with the ability to relate to the rest of the team in a friendly, respectful and trust-based manner.



GURUTZPE is synonymous with quality. We work on the continuous improvement of our processes and products, offering our customers real added value. We approach each project methodically, giving great importance to small details.


INZU Group

We form part of the INZU Group industrial group. Thanks to the variety of sectors, knowledge and human resources that make up the group, the company offers great financial stability and a safe bet when facing big projects.