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Accessories tailored to your individual parts

In addition to the minimum components that make up the machine, a number of additional elements that enable and facilitate critical machining operations on the piece are required. GURUTZPE offers a wide range of all this equipment.


The importance of good clamping of the part is essential for the correct machining of our customers’ parts and to meet their exacting tolerances.


Steady rests

Steady rests are a fundamental element of a lathe to ensure the perfect centring of the part to be machined, support its load and the cutting forces generated.


Machining modules

We transform the lathe into a multi-tasking machine, in which a wide variety of operations can be performed without the need to move our customers’ parts to other machines in their workshop.



The protection of the operators and the environment around the machine from chips and cutting fluid projected during the machining, and reducing noise emissions and the mists generated, are increasingly more demanded requirements in modern installations.


Tool magazine

Turning machines with square or disk turrets do not usually require tool changes in process, however, milling modules and the like may require them. For this purpose GURUTZPE has specific solutions for the required architecture.


Loading | Unloading

Gantry system for loading and unloading parts. One more step towards the full automation of the machining process.


Chip evacuation

The evacuation and management of the chips generated during the machining process is key to ensure a complete solution for our customers. The correct processing of the chip allows it to be recovered for reuse or sale, as well as the recovery and reuse of the cutting fluid.


Coolant management

The coolant is important if we seek the highest machining performance. The management and filtering also increase the service life of the cutting fluid and the tools. Both these factors combined lead to an increase in productivity and important economic savings during the use of the machine.


Air filtering

The importance of ensuring safety and hygiene in the workplace is essential nowadays, especially the environmental pollution resulting from machining operations (dust, coolant emulsion…) that may exceed legal limits.


Measuring probes

The numerical control is an indispensable element to obtain the machining precisions required nowadays. In addition, being able to take measurements of these levels on the actual machine is an important advantage and saves time.