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We will try to get your machining lathe running as soon as possible

Let’s be honest: there is no such thing as a minor problem when it comes to your production. GURUTZPE offers full repair services for our machining lathes, whether electrical maintenance or mechanical repair. The first objective of our service department will be to help you to reduce downtime and put your machine back into production. Our engineers will immediately get to work to solve your problem.

Local assistance

If necessary, our local distributors will go to the customer's facilities to analyse and repair any problems that may have arisen.

Manufacturer's assistance

Either by remote assistance or by going directly to your plant, our engineering department will be available at all times to solve your problems.

Customised warranty plan

We believe in a job well done and the quality of our services. We therefore offer our customers tailored warranty plans, according to their needs and requirements.

One call. Immediate solution.

GURUTZPE offers the possibility of remote access to data and viewing of the condition of the machine. Thus, if any error arises, our professional technicians are able to assist quickly and find the required solution immediately.

Online diagnosis

In the event of error, our technical service team immediately collects the latest data recorded from the machine and from the peripherals. We are able to find a solution and help you to implement it, making your machine operational again as soon as possible.


Thanks to continuous monitoring we are able to remotely detect the problems with your machine and make the necessary modifications to significantly shorten downtime.

Remote solution

Thanks to remote access to the control parameters of your machine our technicians are able to immediately solve the problem your machine is experiencing.