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Optimal quality in each of our products


  • GURUTZPE lathes are designed from start to finish to be able to machine large parts to millimetre precision. Our machines are capable of making parts with the quality required by our customers, in finishes, tolerances, etc., for sectors that demand a high precision requirement.
  • Before being delivered to our customers, each of our lathes meets strict acceptance protocols.
  • Through various measuring systems (laser measurement, ballbar test …) we ensure that each lathe meets the optimum operating tolerances.


Integrated management policy


Quality management


The manufacture of each GURUTZPE lathe involves a strict verification control in each machining and assembly phase, the results of which are included in an internal standards protocol.

  • All GURUTZPE lathes are geometrically within the tolerances set by international verification standards DIN-8606 and DIN-8607 established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • GURUTZPE has ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 quality certifications.



  • All the lathes manufactured by GURUTZPE are certified based on the safety requirements set out in the European standards UNE-EN-12478-2001 that led to Decree 1215/1997.





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Gaizka Delgado
Quality and Environment Management Officer