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Based on GURUTZPE lathe mod. GL13, this machine integrates two of the most common functions in corrugation rollers, turning to clean the damaged surface and Notching to redo-mark and recover the primary grooves to continue laminating without stopping. Less space, fewer operators required, lower investment… higher profitability.


Main characteristics:

  • “V” guiding; maximum robustness, damping capacity and precision maintained over time.
  • FAMOC system for quick change of the machining function.
  • Corrugated module the same as the machine described above.
  • Turning module with robust square turret.
  • Specific programs for rolling and corrugation operations for lamination rollers.

Technical data

Turning-Notching machine
Machining area Swing over bed Sob mm ∅ 1300
Swing over carriage Soc mm ∅ 1000 (turning)
∅ 500 (Notching)
Distance between points Lbc m ≤ 4
Head Motor power S1/S6 Pm kW 28/34 [39/48]
Motor torque S1/S6 Tm kNm 5,3/6,5 [7,4/9,2]
Range of speeds ns rpm 0÷1000*
Chuck adaptation DIN 55026 3
Spindle bore ∅ sb mm Ø110
Tailstock centre Part weight e.p. Wbc t 6 / 10

* Peak speed for 10 minutes. Maximum speed in continuous, 60% of peak speed. For other possibilities, please ask.