Machine precision engineering

Special machine for turning and notching machine roll mills.

Based on the GL10 lathe, this machine perfectly incorporates a lathe-notching marking-measuring module in its transversal carriage, enabling machining of the lathe-notching rollers for the most demanding steel plants.

The robustness of the machine, the reliability of its triple interpolation lathe-notching headstock, the sharpness of its marking system and the accuracy of its retractable probe allows the most complex roller geometries to be generated in different materials.

All this with a special software developed over several years, exclusively for these operations to program the most complex geometries.

Main characteristics

  • “V” guiding; maximum robustness, damping capacity and precision maintained over time.
  • FAMOC system for quick change of the machining function.
  • Corrugated module the same as the machine described above.
  • Turning module with robust square turret.
  • Specific programs for rolling and corrugation operations for lamination rollers.

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