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High productivity compact machine, designed by GURUTZPE for the mass machining of railway wheels. Constructive robustness, operational simplicity and high chip removal ratios guaranteed, make the GF13 one of the most efficient machines in its range.


Main characteristics:

  • Powerful motor system to guarantee thousands of wheels produced without requiring any maintenance. Simultaneous attack of both carriages on the part to be machined, for maximum chip removal rate (kg/h).
  • Temperature control of the oil and vibrations of the bearings in the head.
  • Cross and longitudinal carriages with hydrodynamic guiding, sized for very demanding jobs, without losing the original precision standards.
  • Complete machining of wheel hub and profile.
  • Excellent wheel loading/unloading ergonomics and optimal chip evacuation.
  • Automatic part loading-unloading system.
  • Integral enclosure of the machine, minimizing sound emissions and ensuring the cleanliness of the environment.
  • Easy and fast access to all the machine’s functional elements for maintenance.

Technical data

GF 13
Max. tipping mm 1.300
Chuck max. tipping mm 1.600
Maximum weight in the air t 3
Main spindle chuck adaptation DIN 55026-A15
Range of speeds rpm 0÷500
Motor power S1/S6 kW 113
Forward speed “X”/”Z” m/min 8/6
Length x Width x Height (1m) m 4,8 x 3,5 x 2,5