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Based on our lathe mod. GL13, this machine perfectly integrates the polishing system chosen by the customer and maintains the hydrodynamic “V” guides, in order to guarantee stable geometry over time. The design of the guide protection systems prevents undesirable wear, achieving surface finishes up to (…) and superior geometric tolerances that are very stable over time.


Main characteristics:

  • Perfect integration of the polishing system on the machine’s cross carriage.
  • Multiple and precise adjustment systems to ensure optimum geometry.
  • Guide protection using bellows.
  • Software customized to the customer’s application.

Technical data

Landing gear lathe
Machining area Swing over bed Sob mm ∅ 1300 (Part weight e.p.)
∅ 1600 (neckline)
Swing over carriage Soc mm ∅ 800
Distance between points Lbc m ≤ 4
Head Motor power S1/S6 Pm kW 28/34 [39/48]
Motor torque S1/S6 Tm kNm 5,3/6,5 [7,4/9,2]
Range of speeds ns rpm 0÷1000*
Chuck adaptation DIN 55026 A11
Spindle bore ∅ sb mm Ø110
Tailstock centre Part weight e.p. Wbc t 6 / 10

* Peak speed for 10 minutes. Maximum speed in continuous, 60% of peak speed. For other possibilities, please ask.