GURUTZPE designs and manufactures CNC multi-tasking horizontal lathes in close collaboration with its customers. Advanced machine tool solutions for sectors such as aerospace, railway, automotive, energy, oil and gas, steel industry…


GURUTZPE machines stand out due to their robustness, precision and reliability. Special solutions for the needs of different sectors, with capacity for machining parts up to ø4m and 200 t in weight.



GURUTZPE has developed various machining solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each company and sector. CNC multifunction lathes designed for the steel, energy, aerospace, railway, oil & gas, naval sectors...



We help you to make optimum use of your GURUTZPE products, offering service packages suited to your needs. We make sure that your machine is producing profitably and sustainably.


Turning Solutions

GURUTZPE offers optimal manufacturing solutions for each type of application. Find out about our working method.

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