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Prevent a small mistake from becoming an irreparable problem

Good maintenance is the best way to maximise machine performance and maintain them in optimum operating conditions.
Through exhaustive audits, our technicians are able to foresee any breakdown that may occur in the machine, thus avoiding major problems.
Depending on each machine and the use that is going to be made of it, GURUTZPE develops customised programs to be able to control its condition at all times.

Basic maintenance

Not all machines are the same, nor are all working conditions the same. This is why GURUTZPE offers tailored maintenance programmes to suit each customer’s needs.

Preventive maintenance

GURUTZPE records any maintenance action that is performed on the machine, no matter how small. In this way, we are able to detect where the fault was and we can correct it before it triggers other errors.


With the GURUTZPE training courses, customers can develop and expand specific skills to perform certain maintenance tasks themselves to help to take care of the machines.

Recalibration: straightness, parallelism, positioning…

GURUTZPE has within its service team qualified operators, mechanical engineers, vibration and alignment specialists. In addition, we make use of the latest measurement techniques to provide a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the lathe. We make sure that the machine is working as estimated, working correctly and efficiently.

Bench levelling

We analyse the environment in which the machine is working and observe any situation that may be affecting the levelling of the bench.

Carriage calibration

Using laser calibration, we are able to regulate the position of the carriages. We maximise the precision of your machine tool and certify that the lathe complies with the technical specifications that correspond to it.

Milling operation calibration

Using Ballbar we check the contouring accuracy in our multifunction machines. In this way we can analyse how different axes correctly interpolate their movement.