Machine precision engineering

Special machine for the manufacture of railway axles.

Based on the GLX16 lathe, this machine incorporates the most productive solutions in order to guarantee the turning of thousands of axles.

Double traction on the axle and double simultaneous machining system, in order to reduce the processing time for each piece as much as possible, maintaining the required precision over time.

Main characteristics

  • Double motorized headstock, with automatic clamping chucks that guarantee the machining of the workpiece in a single clamping.
  • Two independent slides in order to machine the part simultaneously.
  • Hydraulic support steady rests to guarantee the perfect stability of the workpiece during machining and thus achieve superior accuracy.
  • Possibility to perform other operations on the spindle: drilling, facing, etc....
  • Excellent chip evacuation and integral enclosure for better soundproofing and operational safety.

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