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As part of the company’s general policy, and in parallel with our growth and development as a company, at GURUTZPE TURNING SOLUTIONS, S.L. we constantly strive to create a working environment that promotes Quality and protects the Environment in all actions undertaken by the company. As well as making a commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements.

Thus, these actions should have the primary objective of: satisfying our CUSTOMERS, respecting the ENVIRONMENT and preserving natural resources in the most efficient way.

In order to achieve these objectives, in the everyday work of the company we have to offer a quick service at a competitive price, using instruments to prevent pollution, whether by using new materials or by improving the production processes.
We are convinced that in the sector in which we operate, first and foremost, QUICK AND RELIABLE SERVICE is demanded and this is a clear objective for the company.

In addition, as a fundamental part of the responsibility of this Division, I have established the commitment to achieve the following goals, which makes us a benchmark in our sector:

a.- Comply with the requirements of our customer, as well as the rules and/or legal requirements that affect our products, seeking smooth collaboration between both parties, in order to guarantee the service provided.

b.- Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, both current and future, as well as the agreements and regulations voluntarily signed by the company in this matter.

c.- Reduce the generation of hazardous waste and polluting atmospheric emissions.

d.- Continuously improve the efficiency of our Integrated Management System.

e.- Maintain renewal of the Integrated System Certification according to the UNE EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

f.- Reduce non-conformities so that the end customer is not affected, establishing actions to avoid incidents in successive projects.

These general objectives are supplemented with more specific and measurable annual objectives, which are defined at the Management Review meeting.

Date: April 2014